Silky tops and skinny jeans sinking into leather seats, rosy cheeks. We’re old pals sipping warm wines, or fellow worker bees, out past our bed times, collective shoulders relaxing, sharing chutney smothered pâté. A year’s worth of de-stressing. Of catching up. What did you order? The pheasant, what’s that you have? Venison. Wild. Irish. Very tasty. Oh I love stuffing… I love it, all that racing around, the big dinner, then, wait for it… communal pause. Those rascally clients, wha? Santa baby. Will you check them out, dancing! Something very naughty about that… Sure why not? Someone take a photo quick… Those little rascals. Group photo people! They keep us on our toes. Later egg nog brûlée swaps for a bite of pud, possible snogs, lots more giggles, whispered stories, gossip to get us through the cold months. Hot port-fuelled hugs and kisses. Back into the night night! Not so bad, salty air smells so good, home to bed. We had fun didn’t we?

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The festive time. But relax and concentrate on your party frock because we have all the ingredients for the perfect Christmas party. Click here for festive menus and bookings.

A bit about Moloughney’s

The restaurant opened in 2009 in a refurbished Victorian house just off the seafront on Vernon Avenue in Clontarf Village. Offering farm to table seasonal cooking, we believe in the pleasure of eating proper food, locally sourced. Moloughney’s is open every day for breakfast and lunch and from Wednesday to Sunday for dinner.

No. 9 Vernon Avenue was stripped back to its shell, completely rebuilt and the original bricks were re-used to create exposed brick walls in the downstairs and upstairs dining rooms, which are furnished with reclaimed tables and tartan fabrics. Floor-to-ceiling windows open out onto a bustling street in the heart of Clontarf.

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